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Name:Fandomtalk: fandom meta and discussion
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Welcome to Fandom Talk!

Fandom Talk is a multi-fandom discussion community! This is the place to come to when you want to talk about something in your fandom - maybe you'd like to discuss your favourite character's story arc, or about how scientifically accurate your fandom's advanced technology is, or just talk about what you thought about the latest episode in your canon. If you're familiar with the term 'meta', that's the kind of discussions that go on here.

Here you can dive straight in and make a post discussing something about your fandom, or you can join in on our regular multi-fandom discussion posts: the Reaction Post or the Themed Discussion Post.

1. Don't be a dick
Our most important rule - in this community, it's to be expected that people will sometimes have disagreements. You're not going to agree with everyone else here, and everyone else is not going to agree with you. Here, differences in opinion are celebrated and encouraged - but personal attacks are not. In short: don't be a dick.

2. Mark your spoilers
Spoilers are information about what happens in a canon that people who haven't read/watched/played it yet would not what to know, i.e. have 'spoiled'. This typically includes everything in a work that has been recently released, or significantly major plot developments in older works.

If your post contains spoilers, hide it behind a cut and mark it as a spoiler. If you're not sure how to make a cut, you can find out how here. If your comment contains spoilers, mark it as a spoiler in the subject line.

3. Mark your content
If your post contains adult, explicit, offensive, or potentially disturbing material, put it behind a cut and mark it with a content warning. Dreamwidth also has an option for setting the age restriction when making posts - if your post contains 18+ material, use it.

4. Make relevant posts
All posts must be for the purpose of fandom and the discussion of fandom. Fandom Talk isn't the place for sharing fanfiction, fanart, or graphics - we will have general 'Share/Recommend Your Fanworks' posts on occasion, and if it comes up in a discussion you're free to pimp your work, but you can't make new posts for plugging your new fan art or fan fiction.

Posts also need to be on topic, by which we mean that they do need to be about something in fandom or a fictional work. Fandom Talk is also geared towards specifically towards fandoms for fictional works - so while things like bandoms and real person fandoms are fandoms, we're not the right place for those discussions.
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